Sunday, October 14, 2018

Chris D's First By-Line in Slash - August 1977: "I Got a Right"/" Fucking Obvious Bastards of L.A."/"insipid and retarded hippie wimps with googoo brains"

I can't even count how many shit-fi French Stooges bootlegs I bought in the 1980's but it was a lot. Pretty much every early 1970's rehearsal scrap and live show that made an appearance before the floodgates opened (and in great sound to boot starting in the late 1990's).  I practically fell out of my law office chair when I opened the email announcing the release of the Funhouse box set. Was this really happening? In this most prescient of reviews, Chris D. articulates what I was searching for on every one of those 1972-1973 rehearsal bootlegs: more of the "rawer, crazier, less calculated, more despairing" and yes, more brain shattering masterpieces left off the official releases. Still a top five single from the 1970's. "Wild Love" is one of my favourite excavations from the myriad of live tapes from the era with a great Williamson solo - a classic fer sure. The August 1977 issue also features a live review by Chris. I wonder if he had a rethink on the Dogs.  Such a great band live.  Check out the Dogs super 8 footage from 1971 (yes 1971) with sound from the "no-nonsense single" which Chris references (guessing it was the John Rock/Younger Point of View 45 from 1976?).  The Masque vs the Radio Free Hollywood crowd coming into contact and not quite gelling?  Anybody with info on F.O.B.L.A.? One of the funnier reviews in the earlier Slash issues with a Buddy Greco reference to fine tune the hazing. Just imagine Claude reading this out loud after Chris handed it to him!
First of all, what does F.O.B.L.A. stand for? Fucking Obvious Bastards of L.A.? Should be,because these kids are still caught up in the sequin shit trip of singing about being R 'n' R stars . . .insipid and retarded hippie wimps with googoo brains; even have drum solos yet and plunging V-neck shirts a la Buddy Greco. Hasn’t anybody learned anything, in the last year? There's no excuse for this kind of music any more ... no matter how unimaginative/unoriginal one is.

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