Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Roxy Music - Would You Believe? (Live At The Bataclan, Paris / 1972)/Re-Make Remodel The Olympia Paris 1973

In the late 1980's Roxy Music VHS "Total Recall" (still not reissued to this day), there is a brief tantalizing clip of Roxy Music live in 1972 performing "Would You Believe" with both Eno and Ferry singing the chorus at the end of the song. The way the two camera shot is edited amplifies what split the band - Eno puts down his tambourine long enough to grab the mike and truly you know the end is nigh. This town aint big enough for the both us indeed. So, now in 2018 there is a 3 cd expanded version of Roxy Music's debut with a dvd including the full "Would You Believe" . . and it is from the Bataclan in Paris. Check out the second Paris clip from 1973 with Eno processing the whole proceedings through his board (except Manzanera who is just on fire) making the whole thing sound at times not unlike the electric fuckery of Hawkwind, Monoshock, Simply Saucer or Comets on Fire (name yer fave). Timeless!