Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waitakere Walks (1976)/PS at the Bottom Line December 1975

I guess it is time to start posting. Landed a month ago and will give an indication of the post subjects next time. Mostly music, olde rock mags, films, books, gulcheral items and hikes in the area. The title of the blog is from a 1976 hiking guidebook for the general coastal bush region printed on b/w newsprint. Layout and graphics are dead on to the vibe that needs to be assimilated. Will post the cover and a page or two if the size is right. Kinda surprised by the meet and greet upon my arrival. Somehow, I was slightly out of the frame for this photo. Record mogul Mapplethorpe, obviously pleased with himself for funding the first PS 45 (Mer Records 601) has pushed me out of the frame, the Boss stolen my look down to the t-shirt and beard. Yes, Lou was at the Bottom Line as well. Great show that live at the Bottom Line. Another topic to be explored in depth upon a closer listen now that I have the TIME! Photos courtesy of Rock Scene.