Friday, December 29, 2017

Metro on German TV show Hits A Go Go/Criminal World live 17th April 1977 Hamburg

Metro’s self-titled 1976 album is one that I often pondered when rifling through second hand bins throughout the 1980’s. It was not until Roxymania struck that I actually took the plunge. Although yer typical beard scratcher collector type would not be caught out owning the lp, it is not unlike the perfect out of tyme - or ahead of your time - lps for the 70's albeit of the non-garage rock variety. Like Clap’s Have You Reached Yet or Fortune Teller's Inner City Scream, i.e., garage records 8-10 years too late or too early, the Metro album sits ahead of its time either like a great early 1980’s new wave record or the final album of Roxy’s great 1972-1975 run. Mind you Sparks' "Wonder Girl" from 1971-1972 was/is THE preminent pre-new wave, new wave song (and the first IMHO).  That the Metro lp is from late 1976 London meant that punk stopped it dead in its tracks for the most part. That is unless you were David Bowie. Although the Iggy cover on Let’s Dance may be what first one to gain traction, the cover of Metro’s 1977 single “Criminal World” on Let's Dance just shows that someone clearly was paying attention. Peter Godwin, Duncan Browne and Sean Lyons all had been playing for years prior to Metro - the timing was just slightly off.  I had never seen any live footage before so was pretty excited to see that Peter Godwin has posted the very first television appearance by Metro on German tv with what sounds like live vocals over a backing track.