Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lightnin' Strikes!/Mike Love's Rock n' Roll City Cassette LP (1983)

A great KRTH or KRLA oldies blast – FM or AM take yer pick. I really dig this early 70’s take on Christie's own 1966 hit. From Lou’s Jemaine Clement-Gentlemen Broncos/Gene Clark 1965/Carl Wilson look (ALL DENIM!) to the great backing band and singers, this moves from the Four Seasons’ falsetto to windows down, sun out, got my RADIO ON, Wall-o-Sound, Beach Boys bliss.: The Jan & Dean take from 1966's great Filet of Soul amps up the Spector sound another notch: Now, how could I not know that Mike Love and Dean Torrence actually covered Jan & Dean covering Lou Christie – even better with a pseudo KRTH bumper. Inspired by Klaus Nomi's underground hit cover? Did Kip Brown play this at Moby Disc over the in store speakers which has subconsciously seeped into my 1983 head? From the Love and Dean Torrence cassette only (? Grady?), Radio Shack exclusive album Rock 'N' Roll City):