Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"I Wanna Bite Your Hand"/"The Essence of Teenage Pre- or Post-Wasteland American rock 'n' Roll"/Rendezvous!

The last time I saw Andy Paley, he was playing keys with the Patti Smith Group at the Santa Monica Pier a few years back. Leigh was last heard playing bass live with Blondie. The Sidewinders eponymous debut from 1972 had so much going for it. Great songs that hearkened back to the golden age of rock and roll, the first band to have a residency at Max's since the Velvets and signed by RCA around the same time as Bowie, the Kinks and Lou Reed. Not enough promotional dollars to spread around to the Sidewinders, eh? Some nice cover snaps from the Chelsea Hotel below.

With a very sympathetic and warm production from Lenny Kaye and no lack of positive ink - see Bangs' glowing 1972 review from Creem and Billy Squire-era article in Rock Scene (though Squire is not mentioned other than as Billy) from the barn archive, we can only ask why the album didn't really chart. I know Joey Ramone wondered that as well. A short, positive review of the Sidewinders debut from the May 24, 1972 issue of Billboard:

One of the best tracks from the lp, "Told You So," with some slight (to my ears anyway), Flamin' Groovies influence?

Here is the great Spectoresque production of Bonnie and the Treasures' "Home of the Brave," no doubt a big regional hit in the Boston area. A favorite of Andy Paley and a great showcase of the Wrecking Crew.

And lastly, here is Lester's favorite, "Rendezvous" off the lp. There is rumbling we may yet get to hear the live 1971-1972 Sidewinders that Lester was so fond of. Really essential as we have two first hand accounts here that the Sidewinders were the equal of the Yardbirds and/or MC5 live !

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  1. Dave LAing here again.Sorry, i've forgotten your name and cand find your email address. got some music I want to send you on my little label Grown Up Wrong! The big one is an unreleased album from '76/77 from the Hot Knives, featuring Danny Mihm and Tim Lynch from the original Flamn' Groovies. It's an INCREDIBLE record. Second release is a live album by Adelaide band Young Modern, who Bomp! magazine called Australia's first power pop band back in '79. I hear them as more of an early 70's Anglophile thing - Sidewinders is the band they most remind me of. Beatles, Byrds and 'Loaded' Velvets are what I hear in them - beautifully strummed guitars and great plaintive songs..

    Anyway, shoot me an address if you want cds. If you're okay with digital just let me know and I'll sort that. Just sorted out US Distribution through Forced Exposure in the US and Forte for UK/Europe so keen to get work out around the world

    YouTube links below.

    all the best

    Here's a great new Hot Knives Youtube clip. This song so shoulda been a hit.

    and some Young Modern stuff
    the Australian Shake Some Action I've always thought.... (alas no version on new live-album
    Age has not wearied them....