Friday, September 11, 2009

Jesus Was a Crossmaker/Jesus in 3/4 Time

JD Souther's self-titled first lp is really one of the standouts of the early country rock lps. Why this one is not more well known is beyond me. First side is paydirt. I guess his success as a songwriter kinda ruins his street cred? Sartorial style gets him an A as well. Dig his various guises through Miami Vice and beyond. Saw JD earlier this year (along with various Eagles and Jackson Browne and his mom in the crowd), supporting his jazzy new lp. Solo guitar/piano for over two hours. May be someone's hell but not mine. Spoke to JD after the show and he said he is not that keen on the self-titled lp and the Longbranch Pennywhistle one. Not sure why that is. Picture is the Spanish sleeve for the first single ("The Fast One" also covered by then-girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt, a few years later). For some reason "Fast One" was not the a-side. Unfortunately, none of JD's Eagles tracks were covered by Peter Laughner on the WMMS Coffeebreak show for posterity. Check out JD two years later cashing that songwriting check here:

The Fast One is here:

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