Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rock Culture Shock/"Those great giant idiots"/Australian TV 1979/"You gotta wait till the mid1980's"

Though Leif Garrett may be the click bait (and his slightly naïve take actually would fit in interestingly with the other talking heads in The Decline Part I), let me just give you the rundown from this 1979 Aussie program with some of yer faves giving their lowdown on the punk phenomena and some very perceptive takes. You know how you wondered what say, Macca’s take on punk was (a big thumbs up if you don’t watch), you also get after the lead in live clip from the Angels: Bowie, Paul Cook, Kate Bush (in a ballet studio?), John Lydon (PIL mode), Macca, Mick Taylor (lookin' straight out of '72 in '79), Steve Harley ("I'm 28"), Leif, Stevie Wonder ("violent can be good") , Cliff Richard (copping Ron Ashton/David Fricke’s style a bit and riffing on a new wave trifecta!), Meatloaf, Maurice Gibb, Alice Cooper (hates disco!) and Peter Gabriel (as Noel Gallagher). Quite a bit to chew on, no? And with less than 50! views, the Angels on Countdown 1977: