Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Roxy Music - Would You Believe? (Live At The Bataclan, Paris / 1972)/Re-Make Remodel The Olympia Paris 1973

In the late 1980's Roxy Music VHS "Total Recall" (still not reissued to this day), there is a brief tantalizing clip of Roxy Music live in 1972 performing "Would You Believe" with both Eno and Ferry singing the chorus at the end of the song. The way the two camera shot is edited amplifies what split the band - Eno puts down his tambourine long enough to grab the mike and truly you know the end is nigh. This town aint big enough for the both us indeed. So, now in 2018 there is a 3 cd expanded version of Roxy Music's debut with a dvd including the full "Would You Believe" . . and it is from the Bataclan in Paris. Check out the second Paris clip from 1973 with Eno processing the whole proceedings through his board (except Manzanera who is just on fire) making the whole thing sound at times not unlike the electric fuckery of Hawkwind, Monoshock, Simply Saucer or Comets on Fire (name yer fave). Timeless!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Metro on German TV show Hits A Go Go/Criminal World live 17th April 1977 Hamburg

Metro’s self-titled 1976 album is one that I often pondered when rifling through second hand bins throughout the 1980’s. It was not until Roxymania struck that I actually took the plunge. Although yer typical beard scratcher collector type would not be caught out owning the lp, it is not unlike the perfect out of tyme - or ahead of your time - lps for the 70's albeit of the non-garage rock variety. Like Clap’s Have You Reached Yet or Fortune Teller's Inner City Scream, i.e., garage records 8-10 years too late or too early, the Metro album sits ahead of its time either like a great early 1980’s new wave record or the final album of Roxy’s great 1972-1975 run. Mind you Sparks' "Wonder Girl" from 1971-1972 was/is THE preminent pre-new wave, new wave song (and the first IMHO).  That the Metro lp is from late 1976 London meant that punk stopped it dead in its tracks for the most part. That is unless you were David Bowie. Although the Iggy cover on Let’s Dance may be what first one to gain traction, the cover of Metro’s 1977 single “Criminal World” on Let's Dance just shows that someone clearly was paying attention. Peter Godwin, Duncan Browne and Sean Lyons all had been playing for years prior to Metro - the timing was just slightly off.  I had never seen any live footage before so was pretty excited to see that Peter Godwin has posted the very first television appearance by Metro on German tv with what sounds like live vocals over a backing track.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Be Stiff/Tony Basil, "Rerun Fred Berry" and Devo (Not in that order)

From dancing/choreography on films with Elvis and Sinatra (as well as low budget beach blanket films) to working with Bruce Conner on a film set to her own 1966 soul classic "Breakaway" (written by Ed Cobb of Dirty Water/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White and Tainted Love!), hanging out with Wallace Berman, Conner, Hopper and Stockwell. Easy Rider AND the era of Spazz Attack and Devo. The album with Mickey includes THREE Devo covers. Oh yeah, then there is all the 1970's choreography with the Lockers (SNL, Soul Train and everywhere else) with Fred "ReRun" Berry who I hold responsible for sending me to the Doobie Brothers at the Forum in LA circa 1980 to see what all the fuss was about after What's Happening!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Norma Jackson's Winning Photo of the Byrds 1968, Tacoma, Washington (repost November 2013)

So looking through my October 1968 copy of Flip Teen Magazine (Monkees, Raiders, Sajid, Star Trek, Bee Gees cover), I came across this new to me amatuer photo of the Byrds with Gram at the front of the muy serio McGuinn, Hillman and Kelley. Roger (Jim) thinking about how to wipe Gram's vocals off more of the nascent "Sweetheart" tracks before they get back to LA?

I can't seem to find any actual tour date in any of my Byrdmaniax sources though this guy was there (and he seems to think it was after the lp release of SOTR though there was a lot of touring outside the US after the release so who knows):
I saw [Gram] with the Byrds sometime in '68 at the University Of Puget Sound fieldhouse (gym) in Tacoma. Don't remember the exact date, but I believe Sweetheart had been released. They did several songs off that album plus some Byrds hits. I remember them doing You Ain't Goin' Nowhere twice - once in the first set and then again in the set after the break. Opening act was local band Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts fresh off their hit Angel Of The Morning. Went with a few guys from high school (I graduated in '68) that had an band (The Obsolete Lampshade) and we all stood right in front of the stage for the whole show. Good times! This is probably the show I wish I could go back in time and see again the most.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Dream Syndicate - Live at Tower Records, El Toro CA July 1982

Among the favorite shows from my teenage years, seeing this very line-up within a few months of this performance up through the release of The Days of Wine and Roses still stands out. A true timewarp seeing this and really great that this exists (as do four other songs). Even better is the record store setting for some Tower deja vu. Only downside is not enough Karl footage here but that said, he seemed to spend part of one his performances at the Country Club wrapped in a stage curtain behind sunglasses. Also listen to what purports to be from the live debut of the Dream Syndicate from January 1982. Kendra in great form with Karl just loping his SF ballroom/Sterling Morrison leads around "Too Little, Too Late." Timeless.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Hairdresser's Battle Royale: The (Berlin) Brats v. The Quick/Radio Free Hollywood No.1 April 1977 [repost 2013]

I have written here before of my fondness for both the Berlin Brats and The Quick. From the first issue of Radio Free Hollywood, April 1977.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Little Bob Story live 1978 Festival de Fourviere/Little Bob and Phil Lynott playing soccer 1985

I have always liked the Little Bob Story records in their pub rock/MC5/Flamin' Groovies/pure meat n' potatoes everyman Joe action. Here they are live in 1978 and guess what, it's like seeing the Lazy Cowgirls at their mid to late 1980's peak. In other words, take no prisoners. Oh yeah, some nice footage of Little Bob sports goofin' with Phil Lynott in some field behind a festival in France, 1985.