Friday, September 18, 2009

Angel Face/Monoshock/The Devil Probably

High energy rock 'n roll from France in the me decade? You bet. Have you not heard the proto-punk/glam lp by the Frenchies. Another time, mate. Metal Urbain are too easy. Here we talk about Angel Face. About a year or two ago, I tracked down a test pressing of a 45 from the lp pictured here. There is an in depth history of Angel Face in a recent Ugly Things which is worth reading. Recorded in the 70's, these guys remind me at times of the earliest, pre-vinyl SoCal incarnation of Monoshock from the late 80's. I have been listening a lot to the Angel Face lp and, yes, the 'Shock has a few things in common with these guys. I imagine Angel Face like the long hairs populating Robert Bresson's late period "Le Diable Probablement"(1977)("The Devil Probably"). Richard Hell, writing about Bresson's The Devil Probably, perfectly encapsulates the magic of it:

And then, after falling in love with Bresson, I come to this particular movie and for the first time find someone, twenty-five years later (when I encountered the movie), but of course independently of any knowledge of me or my local world but in the same period (circa 1977) when I was experiencing these things -- and he's perfectly comprehending them and presenting them with the greatest delicacy, respect, and highest artistry. So it wasn't all a dream! How amazing. I existed and Robert Bresson said it matters and is interesting. I not only was but I was worthy of the most careful consideration. To tell you the truth I knew this, but still it is most gratifying to hear it from Bresson. It is so cool to be verified by the filmmaker whom one already loved above all others! So maybe you'll laugh at me, but I'm confident of it and I don't care.

A great movie worth checking out as is anything Hell writes. So, think I have figured out how to add audio to this thing. Let me know if it works. This is "Pride" from "A Wild Odyssey." Check out 1:42 after the noodly synth intro. Pure Monoshockian madness ensues.


  1. Angel Face is sick and nasty! Thanks for the turn on! Great notes too. keep em coming

  2. Thanks dude. Keep turning out the great tunage. Before moving to NZ, I saw HR at at Safari Sams w/ Mudhoney and at McCabes and Comets at Arthurfest and The Echo. Magnificent Fiend was one of 2008's top spins here at hq.

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