Friday, April 21, 2017

"Reg Presley Really Wants a Hit"/"Reg is in his best Iggy voice" - The Troggs "Strange Movies" revisited

All time fave Troggs cover? For the past twenty five plus years I have been partial to Mirrors 1974 demolition of “Feels Like a Woman” live at the Viking Saloon in Cleveland. Reading Alan Betrock’s (or is it Mike Saunders') dead on take on the Troggs’ 1973 double A-side single of “Strange Movies/I’m on Fire” in the December 1974 TRM from the barn has me heaping superlatives on what at this date is a stone cold proto-punk classic. There are various versions of “Strange Movies” but the single version is the one to hear. This may be Reg's "My ding-a-ling" though without the hit part. Or am I thinking of a continuation of a uniquely British theme following Michael Powell's 1960 classic "Peeping Tom." Their live rendition on Bowie’s “1980 Floorshow” is good though the outtake may be better. The 2002 version is worth investigating as well in all its compelling creepiness. Troggs week this and every week here at Waitakere Walks HQ.

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