Monday, March 27, 2017

The Beach Boys cover California Dreamin' (1986)

I didn't know how much I needed the Beach Boys to give me a literalist interpretation of California Dreamin' in video. The only reason I am aware of this track was that Lenny Kaye did a nice write up of the Beach Boys catalog here including some odds and ends collections which referred to a Roger McGuinn guest spot on a cover of California Dreamin'. This era is a gap in my knowledge and even predates the Stamos/Kokomo lineup. Have the Beach Boys ever looked more serio - not a smile to be had. However, this video includes McGuinn, Papa John Philips as a vaguely occultist priest (with candelabra)/saxophonist and Michelle Phillips going to a white wedding and has a great all around 1980's vibe. Dig the Beach Boys wearing some serious Unforgiven western black dusters/trenchcoats or are they getting ready for an Opryland residency? Carl, Al and Bruce in top form here no doubt:

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  1. That was truly horrible. Exactly why we needed punk rock