Monday, September 1, 2014

Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White!/The Dirty Three 1st US Tour

When I went to the LA release show for Mike Donovan/Sic Alps' solo lp "Wot" last year (on a double bill with Sun Arraw no less!), my old pal Ricky joked he thought it was Warren Ellis when I walked in given my hirsute and sport-coated appearance. A good laugh was had and it made me recount my first of many live encounters with Mr. Ellis. Back digging through the barn, I remembered I used to take the occasional photo(s) at shows. One of my favorite 1990's shows was the first US tour by the Dirty Three in San Diego at the Casbah (I am guessing 1994?). Weeknight and there were maybe 15-20 people there by their set. I had seen Venom P. Stinger in LA a few years before (on a bill with Claw Hammer in Hollywood if my memory is right) and both my friend Darren and I were super impressed by Mick Turner and Jim White. Anyway, here is one of the better photos. Just a transcendent and FUNNY set, with Warren killing it with his Friar's Club routine between songs.

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