Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Old Bums & New Bums (Marriot, Frampton, Chasny, Quinn)

I don't think I've missed a record by Chasny in the past 15 years now (ditto Neil Young and who else?), so was pretty happy to see the first night of the New Bums tour back in Los Angeles at the Church on York in March. If anyone is gonna make an lp like Veedon Fleece these days, bank on Chasny or Quinn (or Beck). I like the two guitar approach both electric and acoustic, and I know I have seen the "private press" reference here and there in connection with reviews of the record. For some reason it has me thinking instead of a contemporary version of two of my favorite lps of 1969: Humble Pie's WAY underrated second lp, Town and Country, and Peter Laughner and Terry Hartman's Notes on a Cocktail Napkin. I have been thinking a lot about both of those records for years now and plan to write something here soonish. Not that either of those records sounds exactly like Voices in a Rented Room necessarily, it is more the, I dunno, ambience or something . . . thus the photo. Not to get too musicologist on you and another one I have not seen anybody note before, but somebody listen to Humble Pie's "Take Me Back" and tell me that Buckingham Nicks did not swipe the turnaround for "Races are Run"!! Listen to "Races are Run" at 2:20 onwards!! Both great songs and why I have always probably liked both tracks so much. What do you think?

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