Monday, May 6, 2013

"What the Velvets Never Were, and What Dylan Never Could Be, All This and More is Television" - Alan Betrock, 1974 [repost from 2011]

Rummaging in the barn, I never know what may turn up. This is what I found out today: by early 1974, Alan Betrock had already identified the greatness of Richard Hell-era Television and its historical import during the band's initial residency at CBGBs. Writing in the May 1974 issue of Phonograph Record, in a multiple-page spread featuring at least 15 writers discussing local venues and clubs, Betrock manages to give the highest praise possible to Television, as well as giving ink space to Andy Shernoff of the Dictators! Mind you, none of the other writers provide band commentary except for Betrock or even feel it appropriate. Somehow I think Betrock knew what kind of easter eggs he was planting for future historians - the man knew it all along as we have written about before here and here! Pantsios unfortunately does not score too well as I sit with cup of tea in hand scratching my beard in late 2011. Sadly, she gives no mention to either Rocket from the Tombs or Mirrors in the CLE write-up, though she manages to slag Left End not once but TWICE in the issue. Though this is the shortest of excerpts, Betrock says enough about Television and CBGBs:

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  1. There is an essay I'll never get around to writing about how Television/Dire Straits, Verlaine/Knopfler are two sides of the same coin in the world of late 70's post-Dylan guitar heroes (at least for the Marquee Moon/Dire Straits, ie. 'Marquee Moon'/'Sultans of Swing', pre-music career works as poet/music journalist etc. I actually found a Spanish website a few years ago with a collection of Mark Knopflers reviews from '69/70 that was mildly interesting -- here they are;, there is one of him reviewing The Pentangle with a brief mention of Hawkwind as well...; but that is for another day...

    But anyway, I have something to send you via email but I can't find your email, I'm at;