Saturday, May 25, 2013

"She Said to Me"/"She Smiled Wild" (Repost 2009)

I wouldn't trust the description of a "basement" psych lp as far as I could spit. Exhibit A is the Les Temps Heureux lp on Shadoks. "En Ces Jours" has a few sleeper tracks that make me wonder how closely folks listened to it. Not a single review touched on how ace some of this is - well, mainly the track below. I picked up the 1971 demo lp last year on the basis it had some folky/basement psych vibe from the description. I guess it sort of does. Hackamore Brick it ain't but that is a singular species. Who woulda thunk some straight-ish looking French hippies could crank out such a catchy, garagey, VU-styled chugger like "She Said to Me"? In 1971! Am I off on this one? It would have made a great single a-side.


  1. Definitely in the VU guitar chunk vein, Papa Jon! Great, great track. Thanks.

  2. Yes, I am quite fond of this lp, & great song. Thank you!