Monday, January 23, 2012

"I Keep a Good Friend on Videotape"/"Bang Bang" Euro TV 1981 etc/"Cold Metal - Sounds Lovely Like a Hendrix Tune"

This clip of Iggy on European television is a favorite Iggy performance art piece - just watch with the sound off if you don't believe me - and the song itself possibly my original introduction to Mr. Pop based on its heavy rotation on KROQ during the summer of 1981. Although it could be a new wave Fowley track at certain moments ("Bad News from the Underworld" era), what speaks to me most are the Marnie Weber-esque "Spirit Girls" - or did Iggy wander into a J.C. Penney catalog photo shoot with raining ping pong balls. Obviously, the Ig's favorite golf balls were out of the question with young children around. Now, I have not seen it broken down before, but Iggy's use of baritone sprechstimme (e.g., "phone calls I take by machine") and borrowed from Morrison perhaps, is really one of his signature vocal devices. When my book comes out, you can cite me. The outfit - a post-Johnny Thunders/Edwardian pirate look? I love it and find it inspiring. I swear I saw Stiv in person with this look several years later (similar shirt, tight pants etc) so the influence continued. Or is the real rock and roll look untrademarkable? The whole look is almost something Jack Grisham sported during the "Beneath the Shadows" era and of course, one could picture Darby co-opting the entire look.

I am still waiting for my old friend Tim to write his book on post "Let's Dance" Bowie. One of these days he is going to do it. By then, Bowie will have pilfered the entire Iggy catalog. Can't wait though till David gets to "Cold Metal," "Butt Town," and "Wild America."

A whole post could be devoted to the filming of this on Hollywood Blvd. Blink and you could miss Waitakere Walks pal Damon:

I somehow forgot that Rollins is on this:

Hullo America! Man, this captures the late 80's in a big way. Maybe a post is in order of Monoshock and pals heckling Messers Pop and Jones at this tour. "Let's hear it for the singer!"

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