Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Critic's Choice: Black Flag/Meat Puppets at Perkins Palace, May 5, 1984

Jay Babcock at Brown Study has posted his excellent Black Flag pieces from last decade in their unexpurgated form, originally featured in Mojo ("Their War: Black Flag - The First Five Years," Dec. 2001) and the LA Weekly ("A Twelve-Step Program in Self-Reliance: How L.A. Hardcore Pioneers Black Flag Made it Through the Early Years," June 22, 2002). In addition, he has put together a nice compendium of video clips featuring Pops Staples, who on some days to my ears is the foremost influence on Sandy Bull's playing, other days just in the top five.

I ripped out the note below from the LA Reader in '84 for the live shot, probably not realizing that in the future there would be coffee table books of photos of bands like the Stooges, New York Dolls, Black Flag and the Ramones. Thus, from the barn comes a short note urging you to get in the tardis and head to Pasadena, CA. 1984.

Lastly, anyone know how to get ahold of Earl Liberty of Saccharine Trust? I know he is on twitter but need an email address.

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  1. Someone looking for me? Earl Liberty