Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dangerhouse is bitchen!/Future Direction #2/Nick Gilder

Not to be confused with Greg Prevost's fantastic and iconic east coast fanzine "Future," writ presumably when Greg was not rocking, here is a real time, 1978 fanzine in the truest sense of the word. Straight out of South Pasadena/Arcadia/Covina/San Gabriel Valley. Written by two gals at their best, Chere and Janaee, with contributing writers Kimberlee and Tami Dingle. I guess 1978 high school or college students given their clear disdain for midterms. Not sure how many of these freebies would have even slipped out of Southern California given the home mimeograph quality to the thing and price (3 stamps). Not unlike the "real people" music genre: a "real person" fanzine. Slash/Flipside/Search & Destroy it aint. No Samioff or Vale art design creds. The pages ooze the push-pull some people felt about going public with their love of punk/high energy music aka "new wave" to mall denizens in these banlieues. Interestingly, the zine itself is totally in the punk camp with Chere and Janaee having to deal with the occasional lunkhead band locals still into the Gazzari's covers scene (hello Diamond DLR!) Not always the case though. In an interview with local band Item (together since 1975!), when asked which local bands they like, Joe said "I like the Screamers , the Alley Cats." There is some mersh coverage like pre-"Ticket to Paradise" Eddie Money but clearly it may have provided some free tickets and drinks on the Sunset Strip. Their hearts are totally in the right place as the record of the issue is Patti Smith Group's "Easter."

Cover stars: Alley Cats, Nick Gilder, Gen X, Eclypse, Grand Ave, the aforementioned Money – a lot of South Pasadena, Arcadia locals (who all look a little like Rapid Fire versus the “new wave” Cotton Candy).

Straddling the local tug and pull of hard rock versus punk, the coverage varies between full page Dangerhouse salute (below) to interviews of the local kingpins whom the gals like. I can relate as per our "Over the Edge"/Cap n’ Swing post, i.e., we like the first Van Halen and Cheap Trick lps as much now as those Dangerhouse singles. The Copemeister would agree m’lud. Other reviews include UK music that was in vogue circa 1978 before people hepped to the fact that the LA music was just as valid as anything the UK could churn out (review on Boomtown Rats, Costello, Nick Lowe, Gen X, Sex Pistols status as a viable band). But you also get a review of yanks called White Hot on Casablanca Records (the label itself tangentially the subject of a forthcoming post here).

Below is a review of a triple bill I would have liked to have seen on the Strip: the 1978 line-up of "Hawk Wind" (sic), Nick Gilder and MDB's Detective. Yes, you read that right: Hawkwind and this ain't your momma's "Hawkwind Show" (thank you Rubin, Grady and Scott). After splitting Sweeny Todd and thus paving the way for the world of Bryan "Cut's Like a Knife" Adams, Gilder released the most excellent first solo lp "You Know Who You Are." Glamtastic, bombastic and catchy as hell. Here are "Tantalize," "Roxy Roller" and "All Across The Nation (The Wheels Are Rolling)." One of the worst lp covers of the 70's means it is doomed to be found in dollar bins "all across the nation" for lucky crate diggers. Really an undiscovered post-glam gem.


  1. whoa man, i just remembered about this blog and had to gooble it. i think i just found out how to bookmark it.

    great archeological service! hope you guys are great. us to that part of the world before mayan doom! just need to hawk a few more liquorball recs.

    best to the fam.


  2. I think Rodney got some fishy fingers!

  3. Just saw this as I was looking up my sis's old fanzine and POW! What do I see,but a Copy of #2 FD! This so Kool that I had to send a text with the link on over to her. Cherie is still creative, but no longer hits the club scene like she did as a teen. Now a Mom of 3 grown kids, she took on her biggest performer in her 10 yr old grandaughter. She performed a little street show for us and anyone watching in front of the local Hasting Ranch B&R 31 Flavs. Good Reading, Cyclone Kevin.

    It's funny reading this blog/zine after being there in the thick of it all back in 76-81.What a wild ride! Cherie interviewed Nick Gilder @ the Sunset Bl. Hamburger Hamlet. She was one on one and got the scoop on just what was going down behind the music. I remember her getting the best shots of Deborah Harry right in the front row @ the Whisky, Seeing 20/20 really down "those Yellow Pills" and sing about "Cherie". We hung around KROQ"s Pasadena Hiltons digs later across the street. Rodney was "always a rockin". One would see Kim Fowley ocassionally. What a time to be a "Teen in HollyWierd!"

    1. Wow, what a cool sister! Think Cherie would be up for an interview? Any idea how many copies of FD were published? Would love to see the first issue and any others. Like I said, FD was great because it was done by a crew that seemed a bit younger than the Slash folks and were just total fans. My email is Jon

  4. I think that she would be up for an interview. Let me when is a good time and I'll see if I can get her away from her biz. I need a good email link though ;).
    Cyclone Kevin

  5. Awesome Kevin. Time is pretty tight in the next two weeks so no rush! pyjamarama68atyahoodtcom