Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amazing Little Boxes/The Godz 1966/Amplified Freedom!

Like the great but seldom seen short film of artist Ronnie van Hout entitled “One Minus One” - yes, the Godard reference is tongue in cheek - of the Gordons live in their rehearsal space on the South Island in 1981 or thereabouts, Stanley has kindly supplied a link to a film by Jud Yulkut of the Godz jamming and partying live in 1966. Man, who knew such great footage existed. Only solidifies my take on the No-Neck Blues Band being one of the great heirs to harnessing that locale (NYC, Harlem to be exact for NNCK) and sound. God bless Dave Nuss for birthing both Metal Blade artists Angkor Wat in Texas and then moving to NYC to give the world NNCK in 1992. Which is why Stanley’s link dovetails so nicely with what I had intended to post today about one the 20th Century's unsung greats: Peter Stampfel and a shameless product plug. Hell, I would have gladly done the same as we are enamored of the product as well. First live show I saw in NYC I think was Gary Lucas and Peter Stampel as a duo so always have a soft spot. Did anyone else catch the Fugs flyer in the Godz footage? Ad courtesy on the mostly execrable Circus Magazine (July ’72, “Manassas” cover). More on that in the future.

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