Saturday, April 21, 2018

Del Shannon "Early in the Morning"

Been on a massive Everly Brothers and Del Shannon kick of recent.  I keep coming back to possibly my favorite Del Shannon track, "Early in the Morning." This early 70's one hits the sweet spot somewhere between Gene Clark, Vince Martin, Dion, Tim Buckley and Fred Neil. Pure gold. The only way to get this track currently is as an extra on the “The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover” cd reissue which itself is deserving of another write-up. Did Del record a whole lp in this style?

And now I can kick myself for not seeing Del when he was playing around a lot in the 1980’s, including some appearances at the Country Club in Reseda (when Steven Hufsteter from the Quick/Cruzados was in the band – see below), which was also the time Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were working with him (“Drop Down and Get Me”era).


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