Thursday, October 30, 2014

"To get my face on more screens" - Iggy to Tony Wilson 1977

These 1977-78 Iggy Euro TV lip-syncs, which are at minimum 35 years old, have the nonchalant air of someone who just showed up at the tv studio. But as I have written about here, more is going on. In any event, they hold up, no? Not necessarily a video supplement to The Idiot and Lust for Life, but interesting in that they don't diminish the songs either. "Sweet 16" in black and white just adds to a late 70's UHF vibe but spares no amount of energy for the 100 people in the tv studio. That "Lust for Life" with the pantomime face paint from the Psychedelic Stooges/Nico days! The French TV interview (wow!) as a counterpoint to the seriousness of the Tony Wilson interview - one has to view all the continental tv appearances as part of his broader practice. Man, somebody on the Dutch broadcasting service loved Iggy - no less than three solo appearances in a year and a half! Still cant believe that Dinah Shore had Iggy on so can't say we were totally deprived in the US (I remember seeing Alice on Dinah Shore circa "Welcome to My Nightmare"). I guess all you had to do was play golf to get on that show. While we in the states had to satiate ourselves with the Runaways on the "Rock and Roll Sports Classic" filmed at UC Irvine in 1978 (a winner well worth yer time - see below), the Dutch got Iggy goofing on the recording of "I Got a Right."

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