Monday, August 4, 2014

$2 Checks Payable to Chris Desjardins/Available September 21 (1978!) from Upsetter Records

Was 1978 the highwater  mark for punk singles in LA - lps are another story? Let's see - the street date for this EPIC release was September 21 (ad swiped from a barn copy of Slash September 1978 - Peter Tosh cover).  The following month, October 1978, Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" e.p. is released though recorded well before that.  What else came out in '78: the Weirdos double A side "We Got the Neutron Bomb"/"Solitary Confinement," the Bags "Survive," the Germs "Lexicon Devil," X "Adult Books"/ "We're Desperate," the Middle Class "Out of Vogue" and on and on . . . 

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