Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar/Peter Laughner and Lou Reed December 1973/"I don't know, man, I mean you're the guy who played the lead on 'I Heard Her Call My Name . . .'"

Back in action and a nugget for ya from Laughner's December 1973 interview of Reed in Zeppelin at the time of Berlin's release. Apparently there exists an audio tape of the entire conversation which veered from topics including Ray Davies, Kant and Nixon,and a whole slew of unprintable gossip. Maybe Smog Veil can dig it up for the box set . . . .


  1. Mate any further information on this supposed tape of Laughner and Reed i.e. who mentioned to you that such a tape may exist?

    Smog Veil has not found any such tape yet (though they did find a tape of a certain WMMS DJ talking casually as recorded by Laughner, but nothing earth shattering apparently) but there is a certain portion of the Laughner archives that are still uncatalogued and allegedly languishing in a closet somewhere in Manhattan.

    Any further info you may have would be stupendous - would love to try and speak with you directly if possible...

  2. The complete Ann Arbor Tapes are available for free download through the following link: It includes previously unreleased recording of "Fire Engine" and "Candy Say", in addition to Story of My Life, Blank Generation, Dead Letter Zone, Amphetamine, and Venus de Milo. Peter Laughner: guitar and vocals, Don Harvey: reed organ, bass and backup vocals on Candy Says. Enjoy, and spread the word to anyone you think would like them, just please don't sell them. Thank you, Don Harvey

  3. Thanks so much Don for sharing this!! Amazing stuff. Will give a full report when I listen to the whole thing in depth.