Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Cause when all the water's gone/The feeling lingers on

Gilles Caron died at thirty. You may know his work "The Student Revolution in Paris, May 1968" from a couple of different sources. Blink and you can miss the photo pinned to Malcolm McDowell's dorm wall in Lindsay Anderson's If. It is found in my home on the cover of Heldon's Allez Teia. Which brings me to Le Noise. I swear that when I first saw the cover of Le Noise at the mall in Henderson I was looking at the cover of the latest Thin Wrist, Ultra Eczema or Not Not Fun release. And on multiple listens, it could be. And that cover photo of Neil in the mansion - well, yeah, the font screams Heldon! I saw Richard Pinhas (b. 1951) several years ago. Live, not so good as it was difficult to tell what was programmed and what wasn't. He could have phoned it in - would it have altered the dullness? Neil (b.1945) plays here with Crazy Horse next week, and I am assuming he won't phone it in. Far ahead of the curve and the link between Crazy Horse, Television and the then (ever) evolving SST/New Alliance aesthetic, Slovenly's SST years have aged well. For what it is worth, other than Slovenly, I can personally attest that the original Rain Parade hit that same Television/Crazy Horse sweet spot live. So often in fact that it could be the reason Rain Parade guitarist Matt Piucci joined Crazy Horse for their lp just prior to Ragged Glory.

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