Sunday, May 13, 2012

"The Most Self-Indulgent, Impossible, Elitist, Brilliant Recording Ever"/The Dictators in TOTP 1975

Unless you were Sparks, you didn't really have a hope in hell in being covered in what was billed as "America's Only British Rock Magazine" between say late 1972 to around 1976. Thus my surprise to see Ira's note from the April/May 1975 issue (No. 8, Bolan cover) of Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press. Fellow fanzine writer acknowledges other fanzine writer makes good, even going so far as to call Adny a lyrical "genius." Also calls 'em a cross between 10cc, the Beach Boys and heavy metal. The real parking lot heavy metal of 1975 along with KISS, the Gizmos, BOC, Thundertrain, Aerosmith, etc.

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