Friday, February 3, 2012

Mike and Mike

Countless hours of enjoyment came from this particular film, arguably the beginning and end of all films on the early LA punk/Masque era, either fictional or documentary. Great performances all around and both Watt and Kelley's comedic performances overlooked in the scheme of things. This film and the DAM Ecstatic Peace box set currently and always on heavy rotation at hq. Very sad news.


  1. Thought I'd send you this..

    as a tickler....and if we can find a way to share emails, can send you Browbeat as well.....

    Which will lead to the Masque, LAFMS, Human Hands, Germs, Vox Pop, and all that...

    a pretty much untold tale....

    1. Nasrudin - leave your email and I will get in touch. Would love to see Browbeat! The whole AZ/LA contingent backstory is fascinating via Ritter/Cutler/Bolles etc. And that Consumers lp that came out about 10 years ago is great.