Tuesday, November 15, 2011

International Hello/Monoshock's "Walk to the Fire" in Mojo/"Steel Wheels" Revisited

Fifteen years goes by quick don't it? Fifteen years between "It's Only Rock n' Roll" and "Steel Wheels." Fifteen years between "Walk to the Fire" and "International Hello." Driving around West Auckland is about as close to an experience of driving around Van Nuys or Reseda as I can get these days. I distinctly remember blaring an early cassette of what became for the most part, "Walk to the Fire" as I drove around the valley on an oven hot day around '95. So when I hear "Someone's Coming" from the International Hello (Holy Mountain) lp blaring on the car deck as I cruise down Railside Avenue on a hot, spring day, it is like having old friends back again - not unlike when you first heard "Mixed Emotions." So, does it surprise me when Monoshock makes the recent Mojo with the George Harrison cover? No, not really - I only wish it was a Macca cover.


  1. Didn't even know this Monoshock video existed. Wow. Where's it from, what year...?

  2. Oh wait - never mind - I see the header now.

  3. thanks Jon!! the Bellingham clip is circa '94/'95, from the Monoshock/Icky Boyfriends tour. there's also some extensive post-show footage on that original VHS (shot by Sherri Scott) from the house where we stayed with Rubin Fiberglass wandering around with his sleep mask on.