Sunday, May 22, 2011


Found this one in the barn and figured it would look pretty great on a t-shirt. Ok, I'll admit it. I saw SWA countless times during the 1980's and in particular '85-'87 or so. Also saw To Damascas and the Sylvia Juncosa Band heaps of times. SST bbqs at the Anti-Club. Yep, I was there. All the mid to late 1980's SST stuff needs a real critical reappraisal. Fer example, Always August's "Black Pyramid"? The best dollar bin buy you will make this year. As to SWA, Dukowski is a fucking master. So too is Sylvia. At the time, all those hair metal mags were covering shite and published close by in Hollywood. Right there at the Anti-Club, Raji's etc., Sylvia was ON. Sorry you missed her live, but it ranked up there for pure brain fry with the early Equidimius show I caught at some high school on the westside. I haven't seen Sylvia this century but reports are that she is back. I hope she is still surfing as well . . .