Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Father Yod and Cisco Pike/The Source on Film Part 1 and other stuff from Cisco Pike

If you blink you may miss the sign, but as Kristofferson (Cisco) and Viva (Merna) drive down Sunset they pick up Merna's friend Lynn played by Joy Bang at the corner of Sunset and Sweetzer, i.e., Father Yod’s vegetarian restaurant, The Source.

Here is Kris performing one of his many standards written at the time of Cisco Pike and included in the film - this over the opening credits and here on the Johnny Cash Show:

Another detail from Cisco Pike that needed a still was Waylon's 1971 engagement at the Troubadour.

After seeing Kris' Cash show clip, I had to see this one. Which of course had me thinking that this era of Waylon may be another influence on King Loser (other than the obvious Lee and Nancy), based on Waylon's Heazlewood to the organist's Celia with O'Reilly on the double-necked 6/12 string guitar in this '70 Johnny Cash show clip. Did Waylon put out a single bad record from this era - I sure as hell haven't heard it.

Some other worthwhile images to share from Cisco Pike including one with foil HDS:

The scene with Doug Sahm in the studio is pretty over the top - that is Doug is over the top in all his "Dougness" - though it did remind me and Damon of certain musician friends years ago.

Yes, the business conducted in automats and Alan Arbus' office!

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  1. Cisco Pike was filmed in late 1970, the footage of the Troubadour with Waylon was from the first week of December when Waylon and Jerry Jeff Walker shared the bill. Famously, it was reported as the first rock club Waylon had ever played, although to many the Troubadour was still something of a folk venue. The posters in the display window for Waylon shows the LP cover for Waylon's 1970 album Singer Of sad Songs, while next to it is a Jerry Jeff Walker poster, which for some strange reason draws on the artwork for Walker's 1968 debut LP.

    Cheers and thanks for the cool post - Jason