Monday, October 25, 2010

Knox on Cave/Flying Nun 1982/"Do Not Buy This Product"/Who is Bobzilla?

One of my all time favourite musicians is Chris Knox. Chris is also a great music/film critic and illustrator. Here is a 28 year old review of the Birthday Party's "Junkyard" from the barn archive which kinda says it all in approximately 200 words or less. Don't get Chris started on the Beatles or the Incredible String Band or we could be here all day. I know if Rollins reviewed this lp in '82, he would have had a hard time keeping it under 1,000 words. Please support Chris and purchase "Stroke" here.

From "Rip It Up" (November, 1982).

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  1. Funny, b/c I recently tried to listen to Junkyard, and...iPod style...I listened to the first 10-20 seconds of each song, skipping along trying to get hooked, and then realized that--even as a Birthday Party fan--I've NEVER listened to this album all the way through. Prayers on Fire: masterpiece. Junkyard: What Knox said. And that's my under-200-word blog comment.

    D (Santa Monica, CA)